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Top Marketing Funnel Automation Secrets To Bring You Sales

If you want your company to grow, you have to create a system that will help to automate lead generation. That’s why we will share the secret recipe to bring you a steady stream of sales – a marketing funnel automation secrets that very few business owners know about.

At the beginning, it takes time to set up everything. But soon after, most of your processes will be automated, and you will be able to sit back and enjoy the cash flow.

So, how can you do marketing funnel automation?

Before we take you further into the depths of automated marketing funnels, you have to understand how the sales funnel works:

  • First, you have the problem and need recognition phase. At this point, the person has to recognize a need for a product.
  • Then, that person will enter the information search phase where he/she will start researching online.
  • Next, it will come down to studying alternatives and finding the right option.
  • A purchase decision will be made based on the steps listed above.
  • The sales funnel also includes a post-purchase behavior phase where people are likely to buy an additional product or service.

Starting the process – create content for the top of the funnel

I will take it for granted that you have spent time creating content better than whatever is out there on your chosen topic.

What really matters is that you have a piece covering each of the sales funnel phases. While in the next steps we will show you how to target the leads in the awareness aka need recognition stage, what will turn these visitors into truly loyal customers, is that you are there for them every step of the way. 
If you already have some content, it’s a good idea to go over it and optimize it with fresh information and according to your new keyword opportunities.

After blog post optimization you should see some great improvements in the incoming traffic from organic sources, but as we all have been there, time might be an essence, so the next step will highlight how you can speed up the marketing funnel automation.

Using Google AdWords to get people in the awareness stage

At first, you will want to capture the interest of your leads.

Of course, you want to do get leads without having to break the budget. The good news is, you will be able to automate some rules to keep your expenses under control.

In order to do this, you will have to create a Google AdWords account and choose what kind of ad you want to make – we suggest choosing Search Network Only.

creating adwords campaign
Select the countries you want to advertise in and exclude the regions you don’t want your ads to be present in.

set geographic region for adwords campaign
Set manual bidding to avoid that the costs go out of hand.
setting manual bids for clicksSelect the keywords and add the negative queries (keywords that you don’t want your ad to rank for). Afterward, you can edit a bid for each keyword separately. 
adwords campaign overview

Believe it or not, the system works very well, and it’s bound to generate a lot of leads. Plus, you get to work within the desired budget, and it won’t go over (+-10%) what you are willing to pay.

Offer a free value in exchange for the emails

You have all this traffic on your site, but you’re wasting it if you don’t act upon it.

Make sure you don’t let the visitor leave before he or she is at least somewhat interested in what you have to sell. When you offer FREE stuff and get an email, you will have time to nurture the leads later on.
What can you offer?

The lead magnets will differ from industry to industry, but only the sky is the limit.

Some of the most common lead magnet types are discount codes, free samples, e-books, checklists, and whitepapers.

I can bet on my boots that you’ve seen a dozen of lead magnets across various websites you’ve visited.

What matters is that you offer free value according to the stage your lead is in.

Don’t offer a free shipping for the product when they are just researching their alternatives.

But DO offer them a checklist for features to look after in their desired product.

lead magnet email signup meme

Creating a drip campaign

Although lots of companies want to create sales right after the introductory email, you should resist that urge.

What you have to do is – create multiple emails that are connected to one another and tells a story about your product or service. Then, in the last email, make sure that the story line brings the customer to your call to action which should result in a sale.

Keep in mind that the customer was already interested in what you had to offer when he/she gave you the email. Plus, if they are interested to see what your emails are all about, they are most likely to convert.

Make sure that the emails you send are personalized. It shows that you care.

And don’t worry, you can schedule these emails and send them automatically, which will help to save a lot of time. This is the primary step as you try to do automate your marketing funnel!

Use marketing funnel automation software

There are a lot of marketing automation software on the market. The idea is for you to figure out what is needed at each stage and what works best for you.

Some good examples include:

  • Marketo – from individual package bundles for creating email templates to fully integrated solutions for marketing funnel automation.
  • Pardot – perfect software to manage your most advanced email marketing campaigns for those data-loving marketers.  
  • – data-driven email automation platform that will help you get the right email to the right customer. 
  • Hubspot – another fully function platform to help you through the whole process down the funnel.
  • AdRoll – this platform can help with new lead prospecting with the help of advertising, email outreach, and on-site pop-up integration.
  • BuzzBuilder – a software not only for sending cold emails but to guide you to the warmest leads with the help of their predictive analytics tool. 

Some improve the customer relationships; others make it easy to customize your ads, while the rest are complete marketing solutions.

It’s up to you to create a list with your needs and figure out which one of these tools fulfills your requirements.

For more tools with better explanation see these 48 marketing tools to help your business succeed.

Now it’s your turn!

At the end of the day, creating a proper marketing funnel and opting for marketing funnel automation will require a lot of work.

But once you get past that initial, tiresome work, you will find that results can end up being downright amazing. You just have to know how to adapt yourself to the changing market.

So here’s a gifographic to summarize these insights:
marketing funnel automation

So tell us:

  • Are there any struggles that you have faced and have you found a solution?
  • And is there any automation software you suggest us to test?