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We are experienced blockchain marketing agency that puts our clients first, leading with exceptional ideas and closely collaborating to understand and find the best marketing solutions for your business.

Our Strenghts




We know that your business is your treasure and only the best is good enough when it comes to publicity. With our marketing funnels no goal is too ambitious. We build cost effective marketing funnels with the help of SEO that can be automated.


Emailing lists

Emailing lists

We have ready to go emailing list with thousands of cryptocurrency users and potential investors. We also are experts at converting your site visitors into investors using carefully crafted email campaigns. They are just so hard to resist.


Access to
Social Influencers

Access to
Social Influencers

We have gained many long lasting partnerships with cryptocurrency world social influencers, that are ready to promote new ideas and opportunities. We also have developed strategy on getting new social influencers specialy for your project needs.



Traditional and crypto-community marketing.

Community building

Community building and managing.

Bounty campaigns

Community rewards and referral programs.

Pre-ICO strategy

Access to pre-ICO participants without paid traffic.

Our latest clients success story

We succesfuly raised $4,450,000

In the span of 28 days where pre-ICO and ICO itself was concluded, we managed to attract our client 44 thousand crypto investors.

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We managed to attract 44 thousand crypto investors till the end of ICO. We built a strong community that is supporting the project and gaining new investors every day.
Client had 20 ICO rounds, that happened once each day. The average time we sold out single round was 20 seconds.
In time of two weeks we gained our client 10 thousand investors that participated in the pre-ICO and it sold out in just 13 minutes. We did all that without paid advertising, focusing on community building and free publicity.
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