Local Business Schema Generator

Our local business schema generator is here to provide you with a schema for local businesses.

Google Search supports structured data for local businesses with only 3 formats: JSON-LD, MicroData and RDFa.

With this local business schema generator, you will receive the code in MicroData format (HTML).

Name or business name:

Street address:

City or Locality:

State or Region:

Postal code:



About Local Business Schema Generator

This specific generator will provide you with the most necessary information for your business and it won't include image and price range fields where you most likely see the errors using Google's structured data testing tool. But these fields are not that important and as you can see - we have the same errors and warnings.

Local Business Schema Generator

Code for Image and PriceRange

If you feel like adding image and priceRange then copy the code below and add it to your website with correct data.
Don't forget to edit the code accordingly to your business.

<img itemprop="image" src="URL TO IMAGE" alt="YOUR BUSINESS NAME" /> <span itemprop="priceRange">$100 - $3,500 (CHANGE IT ACCORDINGLY)</span>

Why Should You Use Structured Data?

As we all know, Google uses web crawlers to examine websites content. But why structured data is so important? Because those crawlers use structured data to generate rich snippets also known as rich results.

For example, by putting local business structured data on your website will help Google crawlers to understand the information on your website.

Crawlers will compare your local business data to business citations and decide whether your business is local and real. And the best part...from the local SEO standpoint, it should boost your Google Maps (Google My Business) visibility in search results.