Article Rewriter (Article Spinner)

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Article Rewriter - Paraphrase or Spin Your Article For Free



Is the article rewriting legal?

Rewritten article or article rewriting itself is not illegal and many people in the SEO world wouldn’t even say it’s unethical but you have to make sure that there are no plagiarism footprints. 


What is article rewriter / what does content spinners do?

Content spinners are called article rewriters, sentence rephrasers, paraphrasing tools and much more. But they’re made to do one exact thing – rewrite your article or sentence to some unique extent, keeping the same idea and meaning of the original content. 

The way content spinners work is by replacing specific words, phrases and entire paragraphs with any number of synonyms and alternate phrases to provide a slightly different article.


How to use article rewriter tool?

Just paste your original article in the field above and let the content spinner do its work.