Turning Your Hobby Into A Full-Time Job

Let’s face it, office jobs suck. Perhaps you don’t mind the 9-to-5 grind, and maybe you’re even lucky enough to have flexible hours for a decent salary. But, do you really want to spend your days working towards someone else’s dreams? Don’t you have a hobby or something you are really passionate about that you do every day?

Throughout school, we are trained to prepare for the office cubicle life. Work 9-to-5, have an hour break somewhere in there, hustle through your daily deadlines. You know how it goes. But question this: why are we not trained to be self-employer or even to make a living doing something that we actually love, or at least like?

Well, all of that can change with one simple decision.

Although most hobbies can be turned into a full-fledged career opportunity, it is not an overnight success, and it’s definitely not easy. You no longer have that safety net that comes with a predetermined salary and stable benefits. But you have something even better, passion and determination.

The First Step Is Honing Your Craft.

While you start to lay down the foundation of your new-found career passion, work overtime.
Do your regular day job, and then hone your craft in your free time. Develop your trade. After all, you love your hobby, which means it shouldn’t feel like work.

Find mentors, too. This could be anyone from well-known people you respect straight down to others that are busy making their own hobbies a chosen career path. You are not alone in the digital nomad, and self-employment revolution. There are plenty of people that have made it. These people should be role models for you, and what you are trying to create.

Work On Building.

Your Brand Image When running your own business, as much as you love it, it can get scary at times. But remember, the first client is always the hardest. When you first start out, you are creating a brand no one has heard of. It is important that you instill trust in all of your potential leads.

One sure-fire way to do this is to have a professional website, one that is simple but explains exactly what solutions you provide customers. As a startup, you want to look at finding an affordable, suitable domain and a plan for building your site.

A great platform to use for the creation of your website is WordPress. It’s cheap, and it is one of the simplest website creation platforms out there. You should also make sure to get the fastest wordpress hosting service to host your site, so it remains speedy and user-friendly.

One way to build a credible image for your brand is to create cornerstone content. Good content has multiple purposes. For one, it establishes credibility, that the people behind your product are thought leaders in the industry. It can also be viewed as a resource and marketing tool for potential customers.

Some good examples are this AP automation guide for businesses looking to automate simple payroll tasks or this DRaaS software sales page that clearly explains what it is and why it is important for businesses. As another example, this bankruptcy guide makes perfect sense for a bankruptcy lawyer’s website.

Say you’re into something less business-focused and more craft-focused, like woodworking, it might make more sense to focus on building your social media profiles with shareable photos and images.

Listen To Feedback, And Improve Accordingly.

When you begin the transformation of a hobby into a career, one of the most beneficial aspects of your life will be positive criticism. This could be from your family, friends or peers. It is essential that you take feedback that is positive, and relevant, and apply it to the growth of your brand.

Set Up Goals, And Remind Yourself Why You Are Doing This.

Get rid of the romantic notion that because you love your hobby, you will never get tired of work. Trust us, there are times when you will want to trash your computer, drown your phone, and perform a binge series night. But we can promise that it will be worth it if you put in the determination.

After all, it is possible. There are others doing the exact same thing that have made it big. If they can do it, why can’t you? Each and every one of us had the same hours, minutes, and seconds in a given day. The only thing that matters is how you choose to invest this time.

It is important to set up an end goal for what you are aiming for in your chosen hobby/career path. Set up goals for what you want to achieve. We recommend short-term, medium term, and long-term goals.

For example, if you are a passionate writer by night, looking to start up a lucrative blog. Set up the number of followers you want on your social media, how many organic visitors do you want a month? If you are deciding to open up an ecommerce store selling your artwork, how many paintings/drawings do you want to sell a month? Do you want to be featured at major galleries? Goal-setting is of paramount importance to your success.

The only thing that is inhibiting you from transforming your hobby into a dream job is fear. The fear of a lack of security, the fear of change. All it takes is the first step. Then the second. Start small, and make your dreams come true.

Author: Grace Frenson