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SEO Freelancers Everyone Loves on UpWork [10 Top Rated Experts]

Where can you find good SEO freelancers? I think it’s a common question for a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are starting their own business but don’t know how to get it off the ground and achieve an online presence.

To get you better head start for your business we have gathered skilled professionals and highly demanded SEO freelancers from UpWork who can help you achieve online goals.

Each and every individual are on this list because of the experience and skills they own. SEO freelancers are listed here by looking at important factors, such as – job success rate, skills and hours worked.

Best SEO Freelancers From UpWork

1. Joseph F.

Joseph is an SEO expert with a focus on website audit and backlink acquisition. He is helping companies to gain website visitors, implementing link-building and outreach marketing, improving conversions and boosting ROI. Communication between seller and buyer shouldn’t be a problem as he is from the United Kingdom.

Job Success: 97%
Hours Worked: 831
Experience: 8+ years
Main Skills: SEO website audit, Backlink acquisition, eCommerce SEO

2. Derek J.

Derek has provided SEO for companies ranging from small businesses all the way up to fortune 500 corporations. Derek’s secret lies in local SEO listings, where he has managed over 5500 separate listings for a large retail company. Hire Derek if you are truly looking to build an online presence and increase your ROI.

Note: Due to big demand Derek currently is only taking on projects of $1000 or more.

Job Success: 100%
Hours Worked: 2,177
Experience: 9+ years
Main Skills: Technical SEO audits, eCommerce SEO, Local SEO

3. Pratik J.

Pratik has successfully accomplished many SEO projects and SEM campaigns, starting from website architecture to boosting websites rankings in search engines. Pratik has worked with people of diverse professional and cultural background. Another great service Pratik is providing is Youtube video SEO which is great as nowadays video marketing is becoming more popular.

Job Success: 100%
Hours Worked: 352
Experience: 8+ years
Main Skills: SEO architect. SEO consultations, search engine marketing

4. Justin D.

Justin expertise lies within backlink building. He discovers between 5-8 link opportunities per hour analyzing competitor backlinks. 4% of those links on average becomes your backlinks. Each of these links helps businesses rank higher in search results on different keywords by increasing your websites backlink profile and domain authority.

Job Success: 96%
Hours Worked: 2,105
Main Skills: Off-page SEO, link-building

5. Rebecca H.

Rebecca knows what great content is and are available to help you reach your business goals by creating engaged and optimized articles. She’s also providing SEO and SEM services.

Job Success: 98%
Hours Worked: 943
Main Skills: SEO article writing, SEO, SEM

6. Simon L.

Simon before freelancing successfully ran a 3D printing startup until acquisition offer. He has delivered each and every ordered job on UpWork. His areas of expertise include WordPress, PHP, SEO, C#.

Job Success: 100%
Hours Worked: 515
Main Skills: SEO, content creation, WordPress programming

7. Helvis S.

Helvis is a guy behind amazing content. He’s creating well-optimized articles, promoting them and making marketing funnels to score you some juicy organic leads. One of his daily tasks includes managing established digital marketing agency.

Job Success: 100%
Experience: 10+ years
Main Skills: Content creation, content marketing, SEO, marketing automation

8. Joseph W.

Joseph knows every aspect of SEO, with particular focus on outreach and link-building. He has over 8-year experience working in SEO field with many small, local clients as well with major multinational companies.

Job Success: 96%
Experience: 8+ years
Hours Worked: 1,743
Main Skills: SEO, link-building

9. Dennie E.

Dennis is a native Swedish digital marketer specializing in SEO, link-building and Google AdWords. He has a bachelor degree in Management, with a focus in marketing, from Warwick Business School in the UK.

Job Success: 93%
Hours Worked: 1,616
Main Skills: SEO, PPC

10. Viktor S.

Viktor previously had several projects using black hat SEO strategies, so he knows what method of promotion might get banned by search engines. Now he uses his knowledge to help companies rank higher in search engines and bring organic traffic.

Job Success: 100%
Experience: 5+ years
Hours Worked: 1,252
Main Skills: White hat SEO