ICO marketing

ICO marketing tips [Hacks That Will Make You $$$]

If you are ready to execute your million dollar idea and think that Initial Coin Offering is the best way to raise the money. ICO marketing will make or break your project.

That’s it!

What stands between selling your coins and failure is marketing. 

So read this post properly.

We will go through all the moving pieces in this article.

It’s up to you how you execute but if you need more info – download the PDF.

ICO Marketing Checklist

  1. So here’s a To Do List for Pre-ICO:
    1. Create White Paper,
    2. Make a Video,
    3. Develop a Website,
    4. Create Social Media accounts:
      1. Facebook account,
      2. Twitter account,
      3. YouTube account,
      4. Telegram account (less is more)
    5. Get your site indexed and SEO ready
    6. Think of re-marketing early on
    7. Create a list of platforms where to advertise:
      1. forums,
      2. social bookmark sites,
      3. crypto news sites,
      4. crypto blogs,
      5. ICO lists,
      6. Facebook groups,
      7. Linkedin Groups,
      8. Top sub-Reddits,
      9. Top telegram channels,
      10. and Youtube channels
    8. AdWords

Now it’s your turn!

Most of these Tips in the ICO marketing checklist will cost $0!

So, no excuses!

Go and execute.

Nevertheless, if you need more help – download the PDF. 

You will find all the tips explained in detail.

And if you need help with the execution – contact me.