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20 Flippa Alternatives – Pricing for Each Sites, Benefits, Pros and Cons

If you are familiar with an online business then you would have most probably heard about Flippa. Basically, it is a marketplace to purchase and sell websites, domain names, mobile and web apps on the internet. Initially, Flippa was founded by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz as a joint venture, popularly named as Site point Maintenance. But this site is not the only one, there are many Flippa alternatives.

As of 2015, Flippa has dealt over $140 million of domains, websites, web and mobile apps. Almost half of the revenue of Flippa is acquired from selling websites, albeit the sales of domain names comprise approximately 30% of the transactions.

However, Flippa is the biggest marketplace to sell your websites and apps, it may not be referred to as a preferred option for you at times.

Hence, we have explored certain alternatives that may be considered as a better option as compared to Flippa. In any case, it would be best to understand and examine alternative options. In this article, we have listed some alternatives of Flippa.


SEDO is one of the biggest marketplaces for buying and selling your products and services online, however, it is not ideal for websites because mostly they deal with domain names. However, if you want to purchase, sell or track domain names then SEDO is the place you must consider.

SEDO is a trusted platform, which has been around for the last 15 years comprising of almost 2 Million clients globally. Mostly, they sell over 3000 websites each day, so as you can perceive there’s something for everyone affordability and dependability.

Pros of SEDO

  • SEDO has consisted of a huge marketplace of around 2 million dollars to the domain name for sales in the industry.
  • You can get paid by various payment gateways such as bank transfer, PayPal and debit card.
  • SEDO allows you to hosts your domain name easily while you are intending to sell it. Apparently, GoDaddy, for example, allows you to pay for that privileged offers.

Cons of SEDO

  • SEDO is only used for domains If you have an innovative business idea, the workload is still on you. However, the right domain must be initiated with a better start but not the end game.
  • Approximately 10% of commission on sales which is quite a big barrier.


ClickBank is a tradename among those who have been contributing in digital marketing persona for quite a long timeframe, precisely it’s the most well-versed platform for buying and selling of digital assets such as eBooks, user-manuals, guides, tools and many more. It’s a perfect digital marketplace for individuals, business organizations and startup brands who want to expand their brand’s recognition to the meet their target audiences’ requirements pertaining to the particular niche specific marketplace.

Pros of ClickBank

  • Possessing High Commission going over 75% Higher Priorities.
  • Easier Signing Up and Promotion Features.
  • Supports Multiple Language for product promotions.

Cons of ClickBank

  • Slow Responsiveness
  • Inadequate Email Support


PayLoadz is available in the marketplace for more than a decade. It comprises approximately 200,000+ sellers who regularly sell over 1,000,000+ items in the market. It must also be understood that PayLoadz can also assist you to launch your permanent sales page within a short span of the time period.  These items comprise of images, logo design concepts, eBook, novels, music and video games that you’re willing to sell. PayLoadz can help you to transform it to generate sales and revenue.  The vast experience of over many years, with the advantages to usually understand how your digital assets market works with certain techniques. In return, it would provide essential advice and perceptions to those who seek it.

Pros of PayLoadz

  • PayLoadz comprises of 2 coupon codes.
  • Comparatively User-friendly then another online marketplace

Cons of PayLoadz

  • Lack of promo code supports.
  • Sometimes becomes less responsive.


DMartify is the affordable and productive marketplace for selling digital items comprising themes, templates, graphics and online scripts. However, to utilize the services of DMartify you’ll have to take part with 30% revenue from each item sold. Furthermore, approximately 70% commission is given on the basis of the working period after signing up and uploading your product items. Hence, by considering all of the marketing strategies are taken under process via DMartify side.

Pros of DMartify

  • Cost-Effective Platform for online buyers and sellers.
  • Free Templates, Themes, and Customization Features.

Cons of DMartify

  • Issues Tax for 24/7 Customer Support Service.
  • Time-consuming and high pricing packages.
  • Lack of multiple discounts.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a complete solution-based package for buying and selling digital products for WordPress Merchants. It comprises of download-activities, discount codes, downloadable activity tracking, and many more. It has a built-in reporting platform for viewing traffic stats easily, and make custom reports to attain responsive results.

Pros of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Easy Digital Downloads is a complete shopping cart for buying, selling and delivering digital products.
  • Easy Digital Downloads custom CMS provides you certain tools to block and target your specific customers.

Cons of Easy Digital Downloads

  • Restricted Payment Processing supports only PayPal, but you can pay for enhanced gateways such as Stripe and PayPal Pro.
  • Limited Customer Service Support, you’ll have to wait in queue for asking queries related to transaction processing, etc.

Simple Goods

Simple Goods is a simple and user-friendly platform used for online selling purposes. With Simple Goods, you can create widgets out of your products and purchases them with a single touch of a button. Simple Goods is essentially used to sell products of digital selling platforms. It certainly takes all the unnecessary features and primarily focuses on selling your products in a precise way.

Pros of Simple Goods

  • Easier Accessibility to Customer Feedbacks
  • Flexible User Accessibility for online selling purposes.
  • Distinguished Categorization of products offerings

Cons of Simple Goods

  • Limited to online selling of products and services.
  • Slower Responsiveness.
  • Limited Discount Rates.

Digital Exits

Digital Exits was founded in 2011, this website primarily focuses on website brokerage service intended to help businesses to find a buyer when they want to sell their products to the marketplace.

Pros of Digital Exits

  • Instant delivery service.
  • Custom Stock Management and Shipping Calculations
  • An infinite range of investments.
  • No risk of managing inventory transactions.

Cons of Digital Exits

  • Slow Responsiveness.
  • Time-Consuming process for product deliverance.
  • Harder to get reasonable clients.


BizBroker24 is the world’s leading website broker for buying & selling websites, products & online businesses. If you want to sell your business quickly with enhanced privacy, confidentiality, persistence, professionalism and work experience then BizBroker24 would be the right place to step forward.

Pros of BizBroker24

  • Improved Security and Confidentiality.
  • Online Buying as well as Selling Digital Business Platform.
  • Fast Responsiveness.

Cons of BizBroker24

  • Quite Expensive.
  • Restricted to registered users.
  • Limited to single payment modes.

Side Projectors

Side Projectors is a complete online marketplace to sell your products which you no longer use consisting of apps, websites, desktop programs, and hardware resources. If you have a project which you aren’t using these days and you are intending to sell it, you can post it on side projectors and wait for your turn to get a customer. Further, you can also ask your team members to expand their business to the next level.

Pros of Side Projectors

  • Improved Responsiveness.
  • Cost Effective as it is freely available.
  • Customer centric resource incentive environment.

Cons of Side Projectors

  • Restricted to selling old resources.
  • Time Consuming Process.
  • Payment Gateway Restrictions.


E-Junkie is a simple shopping cart with monthly prices to sell or buy digital assets & goods. You’ll have to embed its till into your site, usually, customers can purchase with a selection of choices using multiple payment processors. Thus, after a complete evaluation, automation of the downloaded files and codes, and e-junkie signifies to support the sale of physical products including tax and shipping costs and inventory management support.

Pros of E-Junkie

  • Affordable and Cost Effective.
  • Provides Shopping Cart for various kind of goods.

Cons of E-Junkie

  • Manual Payments for affiliates each month.
  • Annoying website layout and flash designs.

Fetch App

Fetch App is a versatile way to sell your digital assets like music, videos, eBooks, PDFs, development products and many others attained from a website, blog, social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace and eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and many others. The payment gateway is integrated with PayPal, Goodsie, Shopify, BigCommerce and many more. Albeit, Fetch App inevitably transmits an email comprising of a secure download link when instructions are received.

Pros of Fetch App

  • Generates accurate receipts without any bugs and errors.
  • Simple Categories, expenses are divided into chunks of submitted, approved and paid. Easier to view the submission status at a very first place.
  • Email receipt capability – automatically connects to your account.

Cons of Fetch App

  • Vague Integration of products and services.
  • International currency capabilities.

Digital Product Delivery (DPD)

DPD is a digital publishing platform which allows us to sell, share and manage the downloaded digital content management system. However, the management of multiple stores via a single DPD Account, you can sell multiple sites via a central dashboard. The DPD Service is compatible with ClickBank. They also provide various features to manage and maintain your own affiliate program.

Pros of DPD

  • Easier to buy and sell resources to gain high-profit margins.
  • Low overhead cost returns.
  • Flexible Productivity and Responsiveness.

Cons of DPD

  • Restricted Transfer & Sales Channels.
  • Free Content Completeness.
  • Suspected Privacy Rates.


The motive of Plasso is to enhance the digital growth of an online business by making it accessible to everyone. Therefore, this platform allows us to use simple tools for businesses to sell digital tools for businesses such as eBooks, Music and other sources of digitalization. Moreover, service charges, acceptance of donations, pre-order sells, and many more are rapidly sent to your customers.

Pros of Plasso

  • Instantly consume your customer without any physical setup.
  • Limited Payment Gateway.

Cons of Plasso

  • Time Consuming.
  • Low Responsiveness.
  • Inadequate Cost and Pricing Packages.


The most incentive online platform that allows writers to sell their products instantly to their potential consumers, you can sell digital products, subscriptions, license keys, and pre-orders. Furthermore, With Gumroad, you can sell your precious goods and services as well. Enabling Code and multiple product elementary formats. You can sell your products in several currencies or have the accessibility of customers pay based on the requirements.

Pros of Gumroad

  • Integrated Analytics Tools.
  • Good for selling eBooks, music, video and digital items.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Cons of Gumroad

  • Limited Flexibility in design and functional specifications.
  • Lack of Product Description.
  • 25% Tax & Transaction Fees.
  • Lack of Invoice Management System

Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light Brokerage is a complete service package online business brokerage firm focusing on selling sites ranging from $250,000 to $5,000,000. The process of selling your website is precisely focused and forthright whilst keeping your sales privacy and safety in a manageable way. Although our highly qualified buyers’ networks, and because of the work we implement into each and every one of our clients. Albeit, our professionals consistently market values and consistency to combat their leverage.

Pros of Quiet Light Brokerage

  • Timely Response
  • Effective Transaction delivery.

Cons of Quiet Light Brokerage

  • Lack of dedicated payment gateway.
  • Restricted to sellers only.


SendOwl platform is similar to an eCommerce platform, the presumed difference is that processing is performed on the cloud, rather than the server. With SendOwl you’ll experience features like progressive affiliate marketing system, a system that allows you to generate increased revenue, offer discount rates and oversee their KPIs perceive which one attracts the most of the customers, you can also implement a payment gateway allowing you to ask pricing module that would possibly assist you in financing digital products.

Pros of SendOwl

  • Multiple Language Interface.
  • Built-in Affiliate Management System.
  • Self-Hosting Options.

Cons of SendOwl

  • Lack of Free Plans and Packages
  • Confusing Self-Hosting and Bandwidth Issues.


CMSmart is intended for those who want to sell their digital products including management systems such as Magento and WooCommerce. Significantly, CMSmart is tailored to meet the requirements of such target audiences. It makes it easier to completely generate sales for similar products. It works with diverse strategies on its particular platform to assist clients to find you and your products.  Their search engine marketing strategies focus on targeting high-quality keywords to generate rank your website on the top of the list. This also allows you to share a fair amount of revenue.

Pros of CMSmart

  • Cost Effective.
  • Consistent and Fast Responsiveness.
  • Perform your desired transactions in a cost-effective manner.

Cons of CMSmart

  • Higher Cost & Pricing Packages.
  • Risk & Privacy Issues.

Creative Market

Creative Market comprises of over 10,000+ artists including developers and designers who visualize their valuable and unique work on the marketplace for selling purposes. The most important thing is that anyone can sell their belongings, albeit it revolves around a series of procedural steps for approval. Furthermore, they also want to expose themselves within hundreds or thousands of visitors on a monthly basis. The visitor mostly perceives things like unique images for their projects, graphics such as textual objects, diversified templates, etc. They also visit themes of a content management system that will help them to identify their uniqueness.

Pros of Creative Market

  • Huge variety of graphics and web design for sale.
  • Interactive Community Forum.
  • New Products are updated on a daily basis.
  • Professional designed and developed web & graphic design resources.
  • Fair Price Tag.

Cons of Creative Market

  • Limited License and Pricing Tags.
  • Limited Payment Procedures.

Trade Key

Trade Key is a remarkable marketplace focusing on B2B allows you to connect with suppliers and buyers. It is solely present in Asian Countries including Pakistan, China, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. This website allows three branding services to visitors. The first one is the offer to buy products, the second one is the categories of products distributed by whole sellers, manufacturers, and factories that seek to export their valuable products. The third one is product acquisition by companies, where you can find a list of suppliers, product manufacturers, and distributors.

Pros of Trade Key

  • Multipurpose Marketplace for supplying business assets.
  • User-Friendly & Attractive Dashboard Environment.
  • Improved Sales & ROI.

Cons of Trade Key

  • Restricted to Asian Countries Only.
  • Dedicated Payment Channels for transaction management.


Sellfy allows simple and rapidly available solutions to sell digital products in your own websites. Moreover, Sellfy offers intelligent solutions to revive the sales and promotion of products via social media measures. Sellfy consumes over 60,000+ users, who are selling their valuable products and making a considerable amount of money. Amongst them, most popular items sold via Sellfy includes eBooks, novels, comic books, music, videos and many more.

Pros of Sellfy

  • Provides User-Friendly Interaction with consumers.
  • Easy to Setup and used for digital products.
  • Multifaced payment options.

Cons of Sellfy

  • Limited Customization Options for product pages.
  • Time Consuming and Less Responsiveness.

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