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25 Best Articles for Entrepreneurs and Marketers – All the best Ultimate Guides in one Post

25 best articles for entrepreneurs and marketers in one massive blog post.

Everything you need to know about SEO, Marketing, Paid Ads and Funnels.

When there is so much great content out there, in no way one can “out-write” the Gods of SEO, Marketing, and Brian Dean.

But what we could do was – gather all the best articles on each topic and put them in one article.

If you are hustling to become the next internet ninja – This is the post for you.

Don’t bother Googling, The Creme de la Creme of all articles are here:
  • Everything you need to know about SEO;
  • Marketing tools and the best hacks;
  • How to take advantage of Facebook and Google Ads;
  • Cool & Helpful posts;
Success is right around the corner!You Smart
Enough with the small talk – let’s learn!

Here’s the table of contents:


Everything you need to know about SEO

1. Beginners guide to SEO

Rand FishkinRand Fishkin

New to SEO? Need to polish up your knowledge? The Beginner’s Guide to SEO has been read over 3 million times and provides comprehensive information you need to get on the road to professional quality Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

2. The guide to be #1 on Google

Helvijs SmoteksHelvijs Smoteks

Looking for an in-depth SEO tutorial that explains in simple terms what it takes to rank on Google? 
Look no further. This is the one.
This post aims to debunk the search engine optimization realm for the ones who are still trying to wrap their minds around what it takes to rank on Google.

3. The most comprehensive guide to local SEO: 2017 edition

Josh HamitJosh Hamit

6 chapter, 13,000 word guide to Local SEO. We believe this is the most comprehensive Local SEO guide on the ‘net.

4. How to Perform the World’s Greatest SEO Audit

Steve Webb

This is designed to be a comprehensive guide for performing a technical SEO audit. Whether you’re auditing your own site, investigating an issue for a client, or just looking for good bathroom reading material, I can assure you that this guide has a little something for everyone.

5. On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page

Brian DeanBrian Dean

When it comes to on-page SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime. If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you’ll love infographic in this article.

6. How To Do Keyword Research in 2017

Tim SouloTim Soulo

I’m sure there’s no need to waste time persuading you that keyword research is one of the highest return SEO activities that is essential for your marketing success.

7. 20 SEO Link Building Tips for 2017

Christoph C. CemperChristoph C. Cemper

There has been much talking about links being a ranking factor. Many SEOs have only focused on content and On-Page SEO and neglected links saying: “We already know everything about links”. But do they really know everything about links?

8. How to Build Backlinks in 2017

Nathan GotchNathan Gotch

Backlinks are the nitrous of every successful SEO campaign.
This new guide will teach how to build backlinks in 2017. Every strategy you will read is battle tested.

Marketing tools, hacks and resources

9. 128 Marketing Growth Strategies – The Most Epic Growth Hacking List

Helvijs SmoteksHelvijs Smoteks

Have you ever searched for All the Marketing Growth Strategies known to human kind in one post? Me too – so we created one. We curated the best marketing growth strategies from a selection of 2105 articles and the top 100 growth hackers. All the hacks you’ll ever need are here!

10. How to Research a Profitable Niche Market

Lorna LiLorna Li

Think about it. Being well informed and enthusiastic about your passion is not enough to build a profitable business out of it. You must make sure your market has enough profit potential to meet your financial goals, especially since you will need to invest some money to get your business off the ground.

11. 12 ways to automate and systemise 95% of your blog promotion strategy

Marcus TaylorMarcus Taylor

Promoting blog posts can be a very repetitive and mundane task, especially for bloggers in the early stages who don’t have a six or seven figure audience to send their content out to.


Alyssa RimmerAlyssa Rimmer 

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back one day and have your marketing be done for you? We’ve all had those days where we have back-to-back meetings from 9 until 5, yet still have a huge to do list (like sending out a bunch of emails to our prospects and getting new blog posts up), and we know there is just no way that we can ever get it all done. Luckily, there’s a solution.

Marketing funnels

13. How to Create a Marketing Funnel that Generates Sales

Eric SiuEric Siu

What is a “marketing funnel”? No, it’s not what you use for cooking. 
Basically, your marketing funnel is made up of several stages through which would-be customers move from first awareness of your brand to post-sale evangelism. It’s the process of converting a visitor or browser into a paying customer.

E-mail marketing

14. A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

Nathan HangenNathan Hangen

People are inundated with interruption, pitches, and advertisements everywhere they look, and though you might think yours is special, there’s a high probability that to the reader, it looks the same as the rest. This is why it’s important to remember where you are, and use your good manners as a result.

15. The Ultimate Guide to Email Sequences

Alex CleanthousAlex Cleanthous

One of the first things I learned when I started marketing online back in 2001 was how to use email sequences (right after I learned about how to use AdWords to generate conversions).
Email marketing is one of the most powerful tactics in your digital marketing toolkit

Facebook marketing

16. The beginner’s guide to facebook advertising 

AdSpressoAdEspresso Team

In this Facebook Advertising beginner’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with creating your own Facebook ads including choosing where they’ll appear, setting a budget, and more.

17. 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for 2017

Justin KerbyJustin Kerby

Facebook is evolving. What started out as a place to share cat photos has turned into a network of 1.79 billion active users. That’s billion, with a ‘B’.
And for marketers, the platform has changed as much as it has for users.

18. How to Build a Facebook Funnel That Converts

Ryan StewartRyan Stewart

How are you using remarketing on Facebook? If you’ve ever felt frustrated about the ROI on FB ads, it just may be time to give them another chance. Ryan Stewart outlines his process for using remarketing and targeted content creation to get more conversions out of your Facebook ad spend.

Google AdWords

19. Google AdWords Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Neil PatelNeil Patel 

Neil Patel have friends who run big companies, selling great products and what do they usually ask him?
“Real estate’s supposed to be good.”
“I wanna be an angel investor, any tips?”
Neil Patel’s usual response? – “AdWords, dude!”

20. How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)

Phil FrostPhil Frost

Launching a new AdWords search campaign is an exhilarating process. If you’re just starting your journey, then fear may be dominating your thoughts, so in this article, my goal is to put you at ease. The steps I’m about to go through will ensure you’re depositing more money into your own bank account, rather than just funding Google’s empire.

Cool stuff 

21. 10 Google Analytics SEO Hacks That You Need To Know

Matthew Woodward  Matthew Woodward

This post provides my 10 favorite Google Analytics SEO hacks that save time, money and drive awesome insights.

22.  How to Promote Your Blog Posts: 101+ Actionable Ideas

Marius KiniulisMarius Kiniulis

Here’s how to promote your blog posts the right way. 101+ tips that will help you grow your blog from 0 to 1,000-50,000 visitors/month.

23. How to Beat High-Authority Sites with Fewer Links

Perrin CarrellPerrin Carrell

Site Architecture: How to Beat High-Authority Sites with Fewer Links Using Silo Structure

24. Getting Started With Social Media: A Resource Guide

Social Media ExaminerSocial Media Examiner Team

If you are new to social media or you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing, this page is for you. It contains a number of resources to help bring you up to speed.

25. 28 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Steps

Kent HamiltonKent Hamilton

When real visitors landed on my site – pushed there by real advertising dollars I had spent on Facebook – none of them were turning into real revenue. That’s when I realized I had more work to do. Building a profitable business isn’t just about setting it up well, it looking nice and then driving traffic to it. Instead, those are just the very first steps.

26. Guide to getting to the top few ranking positions on Google

ALT agencyAltAgency

SEO is not a one-off activity, when used as part of a long-term digital marketing plan it can produce highly targeted traffic to your website.

27. Top penny stock trading blogs

Zac Johnson
Penny stocks are one of the many investment opportunities out there. Like most investments, it comes with certain risks. Researching about its nature and the appropriate strategies is essential before diving into penny stock trading.

28. SEO Expert Tips: How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

CaptureONE SEO
You’re probably wondering just how you can make it to the top ranks of Google Maps.

Search no more.

In this article you will find some SEO expert tips that you can implement to help boost your site’s ranking.

29. How-To Create an Amazing Brand Name

unnamedFrank Spohr

If you’re like most people running a company or in charge of its marketing, you have limited time and resources to attract your ideal customers. Obviously, you want to make sure every second, dollar and cent you spend on your brand name empowers it to break through the noise created by your competitors.

So, if this sounds familiar then this post is a must read.

Best articles for entrepreneurs and marketers are yours

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Lock yourself in the basement or a coffee shop and read them all.

With all this knowledge you will be able to accomplish big things and if the only thing holding you back is reading…

Make it happen.

If there is anything you struggle with – let us know and we will help you to figure it out.

Once you are done with this – it’s time to get your hands dirty:
1. 48 Digital Marketing Tools that will set you up for the success.
2. How to build an e-shop with 10 EUR.

Now you are ready my friend – go conquer the world 😉