10 Secrets You Must Know On How to Market Your Product or Service to Small Business Owners – Expert Roundup

Time after time consumers are bombarded by marketers shoving products or services in their faces. With this being incredibly annoying, you could imagine how it isn’t the best plan of action. By using inbound marketing strategies gaining customers becomes painless for them and puts your company and its products in a better light.

So, what is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing uses tactics such as content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, and social media, to create brand awareness and attract new business or clients. This stands in contrast to outbound marketing where a company will pro-actively call potential customers to generate business. Inbound marketing is more passive, in that, it is drawing the customer to you rather than pressuring them.

So that is why we gathered some answers from experts and with the following elements working together, it can be extremely effective.

Jafar Sadhik From Stan Ventures

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1. Give out free samples or offer a demo service for free

If you are selling a premium product with a price tag that demands a considerable investment, it is natural that there is an initial hesitation from the targets. No matter how amazing your product or service is, you can’t expect the target audience to buy it without considering other options.

The best way to rope in a customer is by offering a free sample or demo. You seldom see customers saying no to a free service or a sample of products. Moreover, this will help you influence the buyer’s decision when he looks for a similar product or services in the future.

If you deploy this strategy wisely, there is more chances that more people will buy your product or opt for your services.  

2. Plan a meetup event

Meetup sessions are excellent ways to strategize your marketing campaign. This helps you answer the common questions of the target audience and come up with proper solutions. These meetup events should give the option for attendees to explore the possibilities of your products and services. This will help people understand what your business is about.

The benefit of a meetup is that the physical presence of potential buyers would engage them more actively as compared to an internet campaign.

Calling a few experts to head the event would be cherry on top of the cake. You can start by sending email invitations to a list of interested people. All you need to do is notify the details of venue and nature of the meetup you’re conducting on various social media platforms to gather people.

3. Live stream workplace activities

More personal interaction with target audience wins hearts and customers. Live streaming is one of the most successful marketing strategies as you are showcasing your business to the outside world. Today, almost all popular social media platforms have the option of going live, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can give a little sneak peek into how your products are made, how the team works to create products or offer services.

You can even cover the localized meetup event you are conducting and stream it live. This builds a good rapport with the audience and helps in building trust for your business.

4. Video marketing

With smartphones that have an amazing camera, you don’t really need to invest in buying a professional camera for making a decent video. With that being said, you can create little promotional videos that would acquaint people to your business.

As mentioned under ‘live streaming’, you can make videos and post them on social media to get more people to view how your business works. Educating people about your business, processes, materials involved, and much more gives them more reasons to turn into buyers.

There are a number of software as well that help shoot professional videos. All you have to do is create engaging videos and post them on various social media platforms.

5. Make use of email marketing

Despite being greatly helpful, many people underestimate the capability of email marketing in driving more people to buy products or services. Email marketing should be a step by step strategy, wherein you first aim at making people sign up to your list.

You can do this by making them subscribe to your blog posts, offer free eBooks, or any other way- there is a room for creativity here. Once you have a significant number of people, you can develop a long-term relationship with a group of people.

6. Reward referrals

One of the best ways to make use of existing buyers to grow in business is by offering them referral rewards. This would without a doubt push many of your customers to persuade their contacts to sign up and make a purchase.

The rewards that you choose to offer can be anything, based on how you would want to reward your customers. Some common types of referral rewards that many businesses offer are discounts, free products, etc.

7. Write guest posts

If you want more visibility for your online business, one of the best ways is to contributing guest posts to various websites in your niche that have people flocking to them.

Writing guest posts is a symbiotic relationship, wherein you are helping a website that requires content and you are getting benefited as well by using a link to your own website so that more and more people can find you on websites that have a good domain authority.

8. Update content regularly

If you have a number of posts or blogs on your website, make it a point to update the content from time to time. This would yield an increased Return On Investment (ROI). When people look for some information, they would only want the latest information available related to whatever they are searching.

Thus, your content would stand more chances of being preferred by a large number of people if the information you are providing is up-to-date.

9. Have demos

Having demonstrations of your products is another tried and tested successful marketing technique. A demonstration can give an in-depth sense about your product, which adds more value to it.

You can add videos, a number of free trials or trials based on time, free samples, etc. Place the demo on your website very strategically, so that people are persuaded to go for the demo. Once they are acquainted with your product or services, they would be more convinced and the chances to invest in your products or services would be greatly enhanced.

10. Hire an expert

Last but not least, a marketing expert can help you greatly with respect to running strategically planned campaigns. Hiring an expert would give you more chances of making professional choices so that your product or services find their ways to more and more people.

Besides that, selling your products or services would be a more specific target for one person, who would dedicatedly take care of the sales and marketing of the products or services.

Haku Kapule From Inseev Interactive

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1. Break down your audience into buyer personas

In order to successfully market products or services to potential customers, it’s pertinent to know who they are and to be able to speak to their needs. Identifying buyer personas can help with this. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

When creating your buyer persona(s), include:

  • customer demographics
  • behavior patterns
  • motivations
  • goals

The more detailed the identification process is, the better.
For more information on how to create a detailed buyer persona for your business, click here.

2. Explain how your product adds value to your customers’ lives

Once a buyer persona is in place, next is adjusting the marketing messages to reach that specific group of people. Make sure to understand any current concerns for the customers or for the industry. What questions are keeping them up at night? What are the current problems in the niche? Once you’ve identified those pain points describe how your product or service can help alleviate them.

3. Be transparent

This one’s easy – The thing that will surely divert a potential consumer, is withholding information from them. Small business owners don’t need the hassle that comes with a hidden fine print. Trying to be devious will only come off as slimy and will simply be a bad look for a company. A business must be transparent when telling their story or presenting products and services. The way to a consumer’s heart is through trust.

4. Ask for feedback from your customers

Small businesses want to know that they are being listened to and that their comments and criticism are being taken into consideration. On social media and on a website, always incorporate a section for customers to provide feedback on products and services. When a change is made based on customer feedback be sure to highlight it. What better way to successfully pinpoint a product or site issue than to listen to what the consumers have to say?

5. Spice up your blog content

It is important to keep the content on a website up-to-date with the times. It’s also a good idea to bring back old favorites. If there was a popular blog post or eBook that was very useful to readers when it first came up and is still applicable, then update the blog post and repost it! This will keep the most useful content up to date while controlling how relevant it is to small businesses.

In addition, consider creating some new, compelling blog content. This could be infographics, how-to videos, interviews, or any other creative pieces. This newly curated content must be both aesthetically pleasing and highly informational to capture the attention of your audience.

Take this infographic on creating a screening policy, for example. It has extremely useful information in an easy to digest format. It’s also tethered to small businesses looking for guidance with this process.

6. Prove your company is an industry expert

One way to really draw in small business clientele is to be the thought leader of a niche. Small businesses are looking for experts in their fields with the information they can rely on. Creating this trust through knowledge puts a company ahead of their competition, in turn, attracting visitors. Some ways of showing credibility are:

  • Writing an eBook: share this eBook for free to get even more eyes on it
  • Creating an online course
  • Presenting White Papers
  • Giving talks
  • Creating webinars and informational videos

7. Have an effective email capturing strategy

A common way to get a site visitor’s email is to use a pop-up, but these are annoying, it interrupts the visitor’s reading and can lead to a drop in visits to the site and the length of those visits. Rather than placing a pop-up when the user first visits a site, try having the pop-up display when the visitor reaches either the end of the page or place it on a navigation bar. It’s important to think of less disruptive ways to capture emails.

For more tips on how to less intrusively create an email list, please see: 10 Ways to Capture Email Leads Without Disturbing Your Visitors.

8. Build a social media presence

The more well-known a company is, the more trusted they are. Social media is one of, if not, the best way to reach an audience. It’s imperative to keep up with posting about company events, trips, outings, blog posts, or even upcoming promotions. This is a great way to humanize a company creating this aforementioned trust that keeps users coming back and spreading the word.

One great tool to use to keep recurring visitors up to date is Facebook remarketing. Facebook remarketing reminds previous visitors to a site about products or services that they were interested in and can lead to increased sales. If someone has already shown interest in the product, they are more likely to return to buy it.

For more information on what remarketing options Facebook has, please see: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/11/16/facebook-remarketing

9. SEO for inbound marketing

It is important to not only have someone who can include SEO keywords, but also someone who knows how to find out what keywords are important for driving customers to a site. Aside from social media, one of the best ways to gain visibility is through Google’s search results page. Being on the first page, let alone the top three results is pertinent in driving traffic to a website. This will be very important when trying to get a product or service seen by small businesses, as you can manipulate who you’re targeting.

For more information on how to optimize SEO in your company, please see: The Relationship Between SEO and Inbound Marketing

10. Always say thank you

Customers are the ones who keep a business afloat and it is important to thank them for their loyalty and support. It’s as simple as including a thank you page on a site after a purchase is made. As part of an email marketing campaign, it is also a good idea to include a thank you to customers as part of the message or as its own email.

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1. Establish your value

“Monetary resource is a common concern for small businesses. Small business owners tend to worry about covering their expenses and garnering some kind of profit”, says Alan Mitchell, an academic expert on online Homework help from Tophomeworkhelper. Although they took a fair amount of risk to start their own business, they have little inclination to take risks in the future.

Establishing your value is critical. Testimonials, guarantees, trustworthy reviews, and third-party verifications all have significant contribution to make in terms of convincing a small business owner that you will indeed live up to your promises. If there’s any doubt in their minds, they are likely to put your brochure on the shelf.

2. Help them grow

Most small businesses operate with the objective to grow. If your service or product can somehow help initiate that growth, always ensure that you incorporate that detail in your business pitch.

Ponder over what growth would mean in the context of the business you are trying to sell to. You can use the specifics to convince them that your services can help them elevate their potential. Whether it’s mobile app development, infrastructure, web development, marketing, or human resources—what you offer can probably pave the way for their company to grow on multiple levels.

3. Segmentize the consumers

Never treat the business owners as a giant inanimate group. Rather, you must realize that they are as segmented as every other section of the mass market.

You should be specific when you are writing to small business owners, depending on whether they are aiming for success or focusing on their survival. Both of these scenarios deserve totally different treatment from the marketing perspective. In order to cater to the business owners, you have to adopt different strategies to persuade the businessmen from different sectors. Categorizing small business owners will help you to formulate strategies that focus on meeting the specific requirements of each client.

4. Developing products and services to solve the problems

The small business market happens to be diverse, and that makes building a product line quite daunting. Successful products or services for SMBs are those that focus on one major pain point and aims to solve it effectively.

Now, solving a particular pain point for the small business owner is the key to success. However, you can play a part in solving other problems that they encounter. It will strengthen the trust of your customers, and increase the chances of repeat purchase.

5. Referrals should be simple

Small business owners have their own close-knit community, and they trust one another. If your solution is helpful for one owner, others in the community will be inclined to seek your services and products. So, you must make it simple for your customers to spread the word (electronically or otherwise) and let them take part of the referral programs so that you can get a scope to nurture new prospects and capitalize on your successes.

7. Establish solid connections

Ideally, you’ll be interacting with a single person (the owner) when you work for small businesses. It’s rare to have direct access to the top brass authorities in most industries, making the most of this opportunity and develop a strong relationship. If you come across as more than just expenditure to the owner, and you’re dependable, understanding, and flexible, then nurturing a relationship won’t be a problem. This way you’ll stay committed in a long-term relationship that withstands even the off-season.

8. Make sure to follow through

The promises you made while presenting your sales pitch have to be kept at any cost. You might consider exceeding them, but never turn down the promises you made. In this case, you need to ensure that your sales enthusiasm moves on to the service enthusiasm, or else the repeat business will come down to zero. Small business owners are known for watching their expenses carefully, and if they aren’t receiving immediate returns, they won’t hesitate to cut you out. The grace period after the sale will be quite short, so make it count. Also, always try to follow through and follow up to seal the deal.

9. Be specific with the solutions you provide

The majority of people want some small part of their already overstressed lives to at least get better, even if it’s for a short span of time, which in turn really delights them. And when you talk about the small business owner’s market, you’re talking about something not diverse enough to upscale mass market. So, instead of trying to sell them a total solution that they’ve never asked for, you should go for a bite-sized battle, and provide them with a more focused solution.

10. Do not forget to mention how you will help them grow

All small business owners aim to expand their horizon and want to maintain the stability of their business endeavors. If what you’re marketing to them paves the way for their growth, do not forget to emphasize the fact. Since the majority your prospects are perpetually anxious about generating enough business, growth is equal to security to them.

If your service presents growth and security, you’ll turn out to be a savior to your consumers. It’s also beneficial to highlight the perks of consumer retention. Repeat business is huge for small operations. So, demonstrate how your product or service keeps the known faces coming through the door.

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I would like to remind you that here you can find a previous compilation of helpful articles for entrepreneurs and marketers on SEO tips, marketing tools, how to reach your target audience, and other important points. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire an entire in-house marketing department, find experienced SEO specialists or a web developer in your area to boost your sales and attract more customers to your product or service. Here is an additional great post to read to save your money on web development and optimization. Remote developers proved to be the most efficient in terms of working experience and required costs, so finding one of few specialists to help you with building a website or web application, or any other additional assistance with your business will save you money, nerves, and time.

And how, here we are, looking at the ten essential tips for marketing your product or service to small business owners.

It is the inbound marketing strategy that can work the best on small business entrepreneurs. They are the particular target audience example when you need to carefully pick the methods, offers, and communication ways to reach and interest them in your products indeed. This article can guide you through the development of a good marketing strategy, but in short, inbound marketing is based on the most relevant and helpful content offered, that clearly shows the value of the promoted product or service. Write down these tips and be ready to welcome new customers among small business owners.

1. Identify your audience

The inbound marketing strategy requires to identify the target audience firstly. Talking about small business owners, you probably don’t want to reach all of them, from one-day startups to almost-retired males working in absolutely another area of interest. Therefore, you need to define the people you want to target (age, place of living, the scope of work, etc.) and concentrate your marketing efforts on those. The best buyer personas examples are your ideal customers. Create an image of your ideal client taking into consideration the needs and preferences of small businesses, what they seek and what challenges they face, and you will understand more clearly what to work towards.

2. Develop a content strategy

Once you decide to reach a certain target audience, you need to understand what to say, in what form, in what way, how often, etc. In this case, the content strategy will help you to organize your ways of communication and messages you want to deliver. The main thing, these messages should be relevant and answer the questions that your customers even didn’t get a chance to ask yet. The blog is a great place to share content on a consistent basis, telling about your products and services, the benefits of using them, and how they can contribute to the small business needs. Also, the blog can help you to improve search engine optimization of your website.

3. Always double-check the quality of the content

I put this point separately because the problem with the quality is huge. Low-quality pics, giant overlapping fonts, obnoxious animations with acid colors and glitters – I don’t know where some of you find them and I don’t even want to know it. Great content should include an attention-grabbing title, well-written body text, high-quality images and/or videos, an accurate layout, and it should provide the value to your customers and please them instead of annoying.

4. Choose CTA precisely

CTA is a necessary part of every message that is usually put at the end of your text. If you don’t know how to write a CTA targeted to small business only, you need to define their needs and make an offer they will find useful and urgent right at the moment. The best working call to action examples usually redirects to landing pages where customers can fill a form to make an order or get information about free goods and discounts that the person can get following the link.

5. Make relevant offers only

The offer can differ from a one-day discount to a free downloadable first chapter of the newest book depending on the products and services you provide. It is closely connected to CTA and usually works in pair: once you decide on the offer for generating leads, you need to develop a relevant call-to-action based on it.

6. Create forms on Landing Pages

After clicking on the CTA, the user gets redirected to your landing page. And if he doesn’t understand what he needs to do to get the offer, he will leave the page shortly. Thus, it is important to have the most relevant and easy-to-read information on the landing page and the form that gathers information about the visitor, for example, his full name and email address to get the offer. This way, you get free contacts of a potential client, and the potential client gets his free goods or personal discount.

7. Don’t forget about Thank You message

Many companies forget about these tiny, but still important things such as Thank You pages. Warm messages always help to build a good reputation, and by saying thank you for filling the form instead of an automatically sent message you can ingratiate yourself to your target audience. Though you guide the person through your sales funnel, it is important to provide free goods/discounts/download link as promised in the offer

8. Website optimization

Website optimization starts with choosing keywords that characterize your business and, thus, can help users find you on the web. If you wonder how to find keywords, try to tell about your products and services in three sentences and simple words. Those will contain the keywords you need. In total, even a professional website will not work if SEO is weak. Thus, it is important to optimize your website according to the general requirements. For example, you can find more search engine optimization tips in this post.

9. Build a social media presence

Undoubtedly, it is the essentials of the XXI century. None of the businesses can exist successfully without a well-developed social media content strategy and social media marketing communications. When it comes to tracking a product upsell sales funnel, it is the social networks that bring the most of potential buyers. Targeted advertising works great when you know your target audience, so don’t miss a chance to improve your sales and service by using the full capacity of social media channels.

10. Email drips

I used the word “drips” for a purpose. You know, many customers complain that once they provide their contact information and purchase some goods, all marketing communication disappears as if the customer was forgotten about.

It is important to initially send a welcome email with a brief and comprehensive explanation about what information you plan to send the customer in the future, how often, and what value for the client in contains.

Small business owners are business people firstly, so they value short, clear, and relevant messages and you need to keep it in mind while working on email marketing.

These are the vital tips for those who want to work with small business owners and don’t know how to attract customers from this target audience. If you want to get more recommendations from experienced marketing specialists and interested in cross-sell vs upsell hints, take a look at this article. The more wisely you develop and follow your inbound marketing strategy, the more likely you will increase your sales and establish your business credibility.

To sum it all up!

These methods are applicable across the board in business-to-business marketing. Small business owners are always on the lookout for solutions that can help their enterprise to grow and generate more revenues. With these suggestions, you can provide products and services of value, which will definitely enhance the operations of small business owners.