Bulk Allintitle Checker & Keyword Golden Ratio Research Tool

Find easy to rank keywords with Bulk Allintitle Checker


What Is Keyword Golden Ratio?

Keyword Golden Ratio is a metric that shows how many other pages are competing for this keyword - lower the ratio better the chances to rank on Google.

Rank Easily

New pages can easily rank content for KGR that's lower than 0.5 where search volume is 500 or less

Dominate the Niche

For authority sites it's possible to rank for KGR that's 1.0 - 2.0 with search volume around 1,000 or less

Outsmart your Competition

Keyword Golden Ratio is a great metric that combined with other indicators can help to outsmart your rivals

Be The First to Market

KGR is a very accurate indicator to spot untaped industries that you can Dominate


How To Use Bulk Allintitle Checker Tool?

Here's how you can find easy to dominate industries!

Enter The Keywords
Add the keywords you want to track in the KGR checker

Get The Metrics

Run the analysis to see the SEO metrics of your chosen keywords

Find The Top Keywords

The research tool will show untaped industries with low competition

Rank Easily

Once the keywords has been found create the content and dominate the competition

Rank Your Content Easily on Google

Make better decissions on what content to create thanks to KGR. When you combine Keyword Golden Ratio with other metrics, it's possible to be almost 100% sure about ranking on the 1st page on Google.


A Plan for Every Size

Currently you can use the Allintitle Tool completely for Free. So, enjoy ;) Subscription functionality will be added soon.


$ 25 / month
  • 500 keywords per 24 hours
  • 1 user


$ 40 / month
  • 1,000 keywords per 24 hours
  • Up to 2 users


$ 75 / month
  • 2,000 keywords per 24 hours
  • Unlimited users

Frequently Asked Questions

For all the unanswered questions, this is the section to check!

Why should I use Allintitle checker and Golden Keyword Ratio Tool?

KGR is a metric that lets you see data about how many websites are targeting the same keyword and have used it in their article's title. The fewer the websites that have your target keyword in their title, the easier it will be to rank your website on Google.

How can I check Allintitle count on Google manually?

You can find Allintitle results by using Google advanced search query - "allintitle: Your Keyword", and you will be able to check the metric manually without using this Allintitle Tool.

How To Find Golden Keywords?

The best way to find Golden Keywords is by going through a lot of keywords until you find the keywords for which the ratio is under 0.5 and monthly search volume is around 500. Once you find keywords that match this criteria, you should definitely take an advantage of this opportunity.

Does Keyword Golden Ratio Really Work?

Yes, it does! In most cases, when you find KGR keywords, you will be able to rank on Google's 1st page very easily. Nonetheless, there are exceptions to the rule.

For what Keyword Golden Ratio my website can rank for?

In general, the higher website's authority the higher KGR you will be able to rank for. Nonetheless, you should follow these criteria:

  • 1. For new websites (less than 6 months old) - up to 0.25 KGR and 250 monthly search volume
  • 2. For websites with DA5 (or less) - up to 0.5 KGR and 500 monthly search volume
  • 3. For websites with DA10 (or less) - up to 1.0 KGR and 500 monthly search volume
  • 4. For websites with DA20 (or less) - up to 1.5 KGR and 1,000 monthly search volume
  • 5. For websites with DA30 (or less) - up to 2.5 KGR and 2,000 monthly search volume

How Can I Benefit From Allintitle Checker?

If you have just started a new website or you haven't received any traffic for an existing site - try covering topics that have less than 0.25 KGR and we guarantee that you will see the results almost instantly. It's an amazing way to start gaining visitors to your website and if you find keywords with earning intent - you are guaranteed to profit from that.

How do you use the Allintitle checker tool?

Add the keywords you want to check, click "Find keywords" and try to find keywords with KGR under 0.5.

How do you rank first on Google?

The easiest way to rank first on Google is by finding keywords that have Keyword Golden Ration under 0.25.